New Bowling Ball Releases

Ebonite Curve Ball

You need more than one pitch in your arsenal to throw a perfect game. With the new Ebonite Curve Ball and Hard Ball, we've got that covered!

You want to win, and you need the right equipment in your arsenal to do so. With two of the best coverstocks in the GB cover series (10.7 and 11.7), the Hard Ball and Curve Ball pack a one-two punch the pins won't forget. If you need a smoother arc, go with the Hard Ball. If you need a more defined curve, go with the Curve Ball. Go with both and you won't go wrong. Release date June 1, 2010

Brunswick Avalanche Urethane

The Avalanche Blue/Purple Pearl uses a retro Urethane coverstock. Designed for extra length and a smooth predictable ball motion the Avalanche Urethane is designed for lighter amounts of oil and a more “down the boards” line to the pocket.

All Avalanche balls use the acclaimed Teal Rhino Pro light bulb core. The Teal Rhino Pro light bulb core has been at the heart of some of the most successful balls of all time.

With its High Gloss Polish surface the Avalanche Urethane will match-up well on dry to medium-dry lane conditions. Shiny surface finishes sometimes cause the ball to go too long before breaking. If your Avalanche Urethane goes too long, dull the surface with progressively rougher abrasives to increase hooking action. The Avalanche Urethane is at its maximum length surface preparation. If your Avalanche Urethane hooks too early, you will need to use a less aggressive ball, such as Brunswick’s T Zone Polyester to create more length. Release date May 20, 2010

Storm Tropical Heat

Storm is turning up the “HEAT” with the introduction of the new Tropical Heat series.This new line of bowling balls raises the standard in performance at a value price.  The power behind the Tropical Heat is the highly successful Turbine™ core from previous Hot™ line balls like the Fast™ and Furious™.  This mid-RG and mid-differential core boasts a tighter spin radius for quick revving mid-lane and enhanced entry angle to the pocket.Reactor™ series coverstock adds the perfect complement to the Tropical Heat.  This performance proven coverstock continues to be a staple in the Storm line by delivering the ideal blend of friction and power.Don’t be left out in the freezing cold – Turn up the Heat!The Tropical Heat is available in three color: Orange/Purple, Red/Blue, and in Black/Silver (pictured).  Release date April 28, 2010

Hammer Backlash - Red/Purple

Backlash Red/Purple gives bowlers what they need for the driest of lane conditions - extreme length with a moderate backend pop. Open up the dry lanes and lash out at the competition. Release date May 1, 2010.

Hammer Backlash - Blue/Silver

Backlash Blue/Silver takes our new Saucer Core, combined with our Max-Control Reactive cover to give great ball motion on medium-dry to dry lane conditions without the over-skid of a polished ball. Release date May 1, 2010.

Hammer Midnight Vibe

Midnight Vibe combines a pearlized version of our successful Shredder coverstock with the proven Vibe core to create a deadly backend move on medium to medium-dry lane conditions. Get your Vibe on now. Release date May 1, 2010.

Brunswick Slingshot

The Slingshot features the popular Brunswick PowrKoil 17 Reactive coverstock. PowrKoil 17 is a mild reactive coverstock that will create length with a medium response to friction on dry to medium-dry lane conditions. The Slingshot is available in a variety of bright pearlized colors to match any bowler’s style.Release date March 15, 2010.

Storm Invasion

Storm's Premier™ Line continues to be the most successful high performance line of equipment on the market. From the original El Nino™ and its split density technology to the Paradigm™ and X-Factor™ series with its multi-disc technology and now the performance proven Virtual™ series, we continue to push the limit of technology and innovation.

The Invasion™ features the next generation of advancement in core and coverstock technology. Our first goal was to develop a strong asymmetrical design different than any other. The concept was to create contours along the RG planes to ensure a stronger preferred spin axis. We did this by developing intersecting contoured bands from the X-axis along the Y and Z axes. These bands are developed at specific arcs to maximize RG and differential values along the planes. In turn, this translates into a quicker revving core with a more defined moment of inertia or breakpoint unlike any prior design found on the market.

The all new Origin™ core boasts a 2.48 RG value with .057 total differential and a .017 intermediate differential. Using C.A.T.S., we tested the Origin™ core up against the Shape Lock™-HD core with same coverstock to see the differences, and we were amazed by the results. The Origin™ core started into the “hook” phase about 3 feet sooner and created a stronger entry angle to the pocket. Usually when we get the ball started into the “hook” phase sooner we see less entry angle to the pocket, but this core with the contoured bands along the RG planes definitely showed us something different.

The finishing touch to the Invasion™ is the R3X™ coverstock. This third generation of Reactor™ series coverstock has the highest Ra values ever produced by Storm products. Based on the USBC Ball Motion Study we know that higher Ra values produce more ball motion in the oil, and this coverstock is no exception. We saw a 9% increase in friction values in the oil and an increase of 5% down the lane over its predecessor R2X™ utilizing C.A.T.S. testing. Although we still do not fully understand what is happening, nor the extent of the anarchy above ground, we vow to finish our creation and release it January 28th, 2010.

Storm Reign of Fire

Developing a complete product line is always a top priority at Storm Products. From our Premier™ line down to the Ice™ line, we are constantly seeking feedback from the pro shops and bowlers.

The consensus was that we needed a strong solid reactive in the Thunder ™ line. The long standing history of this line has always been performance and price, so our goal was to give you the best bang for the buck.

The key to the Reign of Fire™ is the utilization of the R2S™ solid reactive coverstock. From its inception, it has proven to be one of the most versatile coverstocks ever manufactured. With its strong surface profile and excellent friction characteristics it was the obvious choice for this latest release.

The fuel for the Fire so to speak is the C.A.M. ™ (Continuous Axis Migration) weight block. The combination of the unique contours along the weight block with the strategically placed weighted mass blocks deliver optimum mid-lane roll with volatile backend reaction. Release date January 28, 2010


Track 715C

The 715C was designed to be a stronger version of the popular 505C. The designers set out to make a more aggressive product without compromising on the continuous/ control factor at the breakpoint. Look for an all “NEW” coverstock for this ball, the “UMP GEN 4C” with pearl essence, which boasts a greater surface texture.

The “Catback” asymmetrical core is still a 0.015 intermediate differential. The Black/Red/Gold combination will have great shelf appeal, at 2000 grit Abralon® sanded and polished with Powerhouse Factory Finish. The pearl essence has no performance benefit; it is purely to enhance the look of the product. #15 - 2.52, RG Diff - .052.
Release date February 2, 2010.

Ebonite Mission

The all new Ebonite Mission is the latest Ebonite High Performance Product. The Mission is the most tested product the brand has ever released. The coverstock is "XL1200", in red designed for a strong mid lane continuation with the new ‘Mission 1.0” core. #15 RG 2.48, RG Diff - .050 . Release date February 2, 2010.

Brunswick Evil Siege

On the new Evil Siege, Brunswick introduces “Propel Pearl” coverstock in Red/Black Pearl Reactive (finished at 4000 micro pad finish), their next extension in coverstock technology. Utilizing the “M.A.C.E.” (Mechanical Asymmetric Core Engineering) Core, RG max is 2.546 in #15 with an RG Diff of .056. Release date January 25, 2010.

Brunswick C-System 3.5

The new C-System 3.5 features “CFT 3.5” the next evolution in Chemical Friction Technology in Purple/Yellow Pearl Reactive 4000-grit micro pad finish. The “CFT 3.5” coverstock has a higher friction factor than the original “CFT 2.5” to improve the overall hook, down lane traction and increase the entry angle. The two-component asymmetrical “I – Block” core generates RG max of 2.585 and RG Differential of .050. Release date January 25, 2010.


Columbia Total Bedlam

A new coverstock, a new finish, and a new core make the Total Bedlam the Columbia Bedlam’s perfect complement.

The asymmetrical “Bedlam Version 2.0” core will drive this ball to hook earlier, while the “Full Tilt 6.0” coverstock (Purple Pearl/Orange/Blue Pearl) that has been sanded with 500 and then 4000 grit Abralon® gives it enough traction to stay on the oiliest lanes for a dramatic move into the pocket. 15# RG 2.53, Diff 0.055.
Release date January 14, 2010.


Hammer Jigsaw Corner

Hammer introduces an addition to their High Performance product line, the Jigsaw Corner. Coverstock is the "Quick Corner 5/4" 500/4000 Abralon® Sanded, colored in Blue/White. The familiar "Jigsaw" core drives this new Hammer. #15 RG - 2.48, Diff - 0.051. Release date January 12, 2010.


Columbia 300 Pure Swing 


The Columbia Pure Swing is black and gold, "Full Tilt 5.0 pearl" cover, 800/1000 Abralon with Powerhouse Factory Finish, featuring the "Full Swing mass bias" core. 15# RG 2.52, 15# Diff 0.056, Intermediate Diff 0.015. Columbia announced "For this release we have smoothed out the 5.0 nodules making the shell more responsive to friction and delivering a ball that goes longer but makes a stronger move down lane on more medium conditions. This ball is stronger in the backend than any High Performance ball in our history and will provide bowlers a complementary product to our Full Swing and Bedlam series balls. Release date January 7, 2010.


Hammer Black Widow Nasty


Black Widow Nasty takes the Widow series to a place she’s never been, with a new "High RG Widow Core Shape" that pushes the Widow to extreme lengths. The last Widow in the series said Hammer Brand Manger Jeff Ussery, features a new core shape and red sparkle elements in the cover.

"New "Violent Wheel Reactive" coverstock (4000 Grit Abralon) creates a strong down lane movement that gets through the pins with some serious angle" commented Ussery. This ball is Black/Purple/Red Sparkle in color (with the sparkles only featured in the red segments of the ball).

A new addition to the Hammer line is the new core feature called Cover-Puck technology. "To enhance the down lane movement, we’ve drilled away part of the outer core and filled that void with Violent Wheel Coverstock material. This offset of coverstock material creates extra hooking power down the lane, and brings the Nasty back from nearly anywhere on the lane" explained Usserry! Core numbers in 15# Radius of Gyration (RG) - 2.56, RG Differential - .057. Release Date December 15, 2009.
The Blue/Gold Pearl Sharp NoiZe features a combination of two of Columbia 300’s proven features — the “300 Plus Reactive Pearl” veneer (Abralon® w/ Factory Finish) and the "TI Boss II" core.
“When I saw this one coming down the line I knew we had a winner. It’s an awesome color and it compliments the line a great deal in terms of something on the performance side we really don’t have,” said Brand Manager Chad Murphy. 15# RG 2.560, 15# Diff.040.
Release date December 15, 2009.


Hammer Raw Hammer Jacked

New from Hammer, the mid-priced (Raw Hammer) Jacked uses the Raw Hammer “Assault” core to give the bowler early revs and strong mid-lane read. With the original Black Widow “Violent Reactive™” coverstock, the Jacked is Violet and Copper, finished at 1000 grit Abralon®. #15lb. RG/Differential 2.48 .050. Release date December 1, 2009.