Pro Shop Services

At Ken's Pro Shops we offer a full compliment of services for our customers. The services we offer include the following: 

Fitting / Fitting Adjustment Services - when it comes to executing a perfect shot, how well your bowling ball fits your hand is extremely important. Ken's Pro Shop offers expert fitting by IBPSIA Certified Pro Shop Technicians. We use a combination of the best fitting equipment from a leading Pro Shop supply company and unmatched technique to deliver the proper fit. Stop in one of our shops to have your fitting evaluated.

Drilling Services - the Jayhawk Tri-Oval Milling System has been recognized by the Pro Shop industry as the best drilling / milling system available - we agree. We have three (3) of these drilling / milling systems in our shops and this allows us to provide you with expert ball drilling services.

Plugging Services - we offer expert plugging and re-drilling services in a temperature controlled environment. We our proud that we use the best plugging material from the leader in ball plugging solutions - Techline Products. Using this product allows us to experience less problems with the overall plugging process thus allowing us to complete the process faster.

Ball Maintenance Service - when it comes to maintaining your bowling equipment, we at Ken's Pro Shop have employed the best techniques along with the best equipment available. When we refinish or resurface your bowling ball we using the Jayhawk Cook Sphere and/or the Haus Resurfacing System. We use sanding pads from Abranet, and Abralon along with the manufacturers specifications for restoring the cover to factory specification. The sanding products and resurfacing systems are the same sanding techniques used by the leading bowling ball manufactures in the initial preparation of the ball. We use these processes to ensure that your bowling ball will be refinished and/or resurface to the original specifications.

In addition to refinishing and/or resurfacing your bowling ball, we can make cover adjustments to create different ball reactions. We use the Abralon and Abranet pads to sand the cover to 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, or 4000 Abralon finishes that produces earlier of late roll. We use polishing compounds from Brunswick, Ebonite, Powerhouse, and Storm to polish your ball to the original specification or a specification of your choosing using a ball spinner or one of our refinishing systems.

Oil Extraction Service - the number one reason for a bowling ball to lose its hooking and hitting power is due to oil absorption. Ken's Pro Shop offers an Oil Extraction / Refinishing Service that will restore 99% of your bowling ball performance.  Again, as a benefit to our customer we use the best oil extraction system on the market - the Innovative Revivor Oil Extraction System .