Hammer - Jigsaw Trap (Release Date - 6/29/2010)

The trap has been set. And now it's time to make your opponents pay. Introducing the Hammer Jigsaw TRAP. With a more angular backend motion and a move that's so violent, it practically sucks the ball back to the pocket. If you didn't know it already, throw this bad boy down the lane and you'll know... NOTHING HITS LIKE A HAMMER!
  MSRP: $239.99

KPS: $149.00
  The KPS price listed above DOES NOT include fitting, drilling, finger inserts, or a  thumb slug.

Our standard fitting / drilling price is $45.00. Finger inserts are $12.00 and a thumb slug is $13.00.

We do sell and install the Vise Interchangeable Thumb and the Turbo Grips Switch Grip. The inner and outers are $17.00 each and the set can be purchased for $30.00.