Hammer - Hardcore Hammer Grind (Release Date - 6/29/2010)

Some times you need a ball to stay on the grind, so that's why we released the new Hardcore Hammer Grind!

There are times when you need a ball that just works hard. A ball that doesn't quit no matter what the lane conditions. So we created the new Bullet core and placed it with the Violent Reactive coverstock that was found on the original Black Widow to give you a strong, but controllable hook on medium oil lane conditions.
  MSRP: $179.99

KPS: $110.00
  The KPS price listed above DOES NOT include fitting, drilling, finger inserts, or a  thumb slug.

Our standard fitting / drilling price is $45.00. Finger inserts are $12.00 and a thumb slug is $13.00.

We do sell and install the Vise Interchangeable Thumb and the Turbo Grips Switch Grip. The inner and outers are $17.00 each and the set can be purchased for $30.00.