Columbia 300 - Burst

You've asked for it, so we delivered. You've been wanting the Resurgence core to burst back on the scene! Well it's back inside the new Columbia 300 Burst!

We've wrapped the Resurgence core with the original New Era shell formula. We designed this one for medium conditions by polishing it with our standard polished 4000 finish to give all bowlers a more even arc on medium to drier conditions. Leave it out of the box and get a long and even arc to the pins or add some surface and experience a true Resurgence!
  MSRP: $149.99

KPS: $100.00
  The KPS price listed above DOES NOT include fitting, drilling, finger inserts, or a  thumb slug.

Our standard fitting / drilling price is $45.00. Finger inserts are $12.00 and a thumb slug is $13.00.

We do sell and install the Vise Interchangeable Thumb and the Turbo Grips Switch Grip. The inner and outers are $17.00 each and the set can be purchased for $30.00.