New Store Information and Photos

June 1, 2011 - We are working hard on completing the build-out of our new pro shop in Calumet City. We have come a long way but haven't reached the finish line yet. Based on our current projections we expect to open the new store on June 23rd. Check back here on this page for the details on the grand opening and information on the special promotions we will be offering.

Thank you for checking our website for the latest information. If you would like to notified via text message, send a text message request along with your name to 708.922.4922.


First I have to start by thanking all of my dear friends that made this possible.

Derek Swopes, Norris Campbell, Sam Harris, Sam Perkins, Chuck Smith, Sharon and Gerald, and Will Smith. Much love for all of you and thank you so much.


PHASE 1 - The Beginning

We started will a shell.....more photos...





PHASE 2 - We got the flooring right!

We installed the! what a difference that made!


We painted our the work area....


We then began to build the work area by enclosing the work area....starting to look good huh!!!!

PHASE 4 - Now for the Slatwall...

We installed the Slatwall for displaying our products....

PHASE 4a - Added some signage...

We installed our "Coming Soon" sign.....

PHASE 5 - Now the stretch run

We installed the counter and painted the front part of the store.....Thanks Chuck and Norris....