1. We are one of  the 32 IBPSIA Certified Pro Shops in the State of Illinois.

  2.  Ken Horvath is one of 15 IBPSIA Technically Certified Technicians in Illinois and one of two (2) in the Chicagoland area.

  3. Ken's Pro Shop is a member in good standing with the following manufacturers programs. We are a member of the Ebonite Gold Pro Shop program, the Storm MatchMaker program, the Roto Grip Star Pro Shop program, the Turbo Grips Xtreme Dealer program, and the Brunswick Rewards Plus program.

  4. Ken Horvath is a Columbia 300 Pro Shop Staff Member with extensive knowledge of the Columbia 300 brand.

  5. Ken Horvath is a Vise Staff Member and can answer all of question about the Vise product line. In addition, Ken has been trained and certified to install the Vise Interchangeable Thumb (IT).

  6. Ken Horvath is a member of the Turbo Grips Xtreme Dealer Program and can answer all of questions about the Turbo Grips product line.

  7. Ken Horvath is thoroughly trained in the application of the MoRich Dual Angle Layout drilling system. If fact, all of his Columbia 300 brand equipment has been drilled using this technique.

  8. Ken Horvath is a USBC Certified and Registered Coach.

  9. As part of the IBPSIA certification requirements, Ken receives continual training in the sport of bowling so that we can provide you with the best and most up-to-date services available.

As you can see we are dedicated to the sport of bowling and with providing our customers with the best services that we can provide. This dedication from our staff gives us a good chance to achieve our goal to provide the best pro shop services in the industry.


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Columbia 300 Pro Shop Staff